Wednesday, December 31, 2014


AG found themselves a fad!
The sporty sandals and socks set
Exactly like what real people at my school wear! No pink, all middle school strangeness. I don't wear anything like this myself, but I might get these. All we need now is those shorts that go down past your knees!

No, I'm not kidding. I seriously want that.

Gwen, the middle school trend observer.
 (Note i didn't say "setter" or "participate-er") XD

This is my new year post. There are many more like it, but this one is mine.

Happy new year!

At this time last year I was waiting and waiting and waiting for Goty 2014 to come out. {I was disappointed when she finally did come, I might add}
I was in my room hiding (and playing with Andie) while my family played Rock Band on the xbox.
Back then I only had Andie {who was, at that time, known as Rachel}

she and ALL of my stuffed animals had a party.

Goals/dreams fulfilled/ cool happenings from 2014:
  • made a blog [november]
  • got #33 lilly [february]
  • made some school friends {being sociable is not my thing} people are much easier to tolerate on the nerd side of the force.
  • read the hunger games {and didn't like it}
  • survived the EOC test they sprung on us at the end of algebra. [may] Now I'm in geometry. my class is the first 8th grade geometry class my town has had in a long time. {they used to just send smart kids up to the high school for math}

Now my dolls are:

Hanging out on the top bunk eating ice cream
And watching movies on the iPad
My cousin got me My Neighbor Totoro for christmas. Its so weird and so awesome. Andie and lilly like it too.

What I plan to do in 2015

  • finish my story {remember when I said that I have a story with a beginning and half on an end? Now I have a beginning of a middle}
  • Turn above story into a photo story 
  • Comment on your blogs more
  • become better at drawing
  • learn to use my sewing machine

What do you do on new year? What do you plan to do in 2015?



So last night I watched the Battle Of Five Armies (I liked the hobbit book waaaaaaay better) and when I came home I tried Tauriel's hairstyle on Andie.
It did not work. Those two big braids were angled too far down for me to get them to meet in the middle, so I sorta went and did my own thing.

I really like the bits of hair hanging down in the front.

I've always known Andie has elvish blood.

Later I think I'll try it again and see if perfection can be reached.


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bunk Beds

 Hi, Peoples! Its Andie here and I want to show you this awesome present from Gwen's grandparents!
 We got bunk beds!
 I got the bottom bunk and call it the Andie Cave.
 I put in christmas lights and my uglydolls

 Lilly chose the top bunk so she can be queen of the world.
 She found a lovely flashlight 
 and put her moose and lion up there.
 This is what we call the sausage pillow. we don't know what it really is, but it seems a bit sausage-y.
Don't wear your shoes on the bed, Lilly.
She makes do without a ladder.

In other news:
 Now that christmas is over Its time to plant the tree, of you have a live one.

 Gwen made us a cute little shelf. Its a basket that christmas ornaments came in.
 Lilly's beauty corner was moved to where my bed used to be.

 My hair looks awesome.

 There is lots of room under the bed so Gwen is going to make a trundle or something.


Monday, December 29, 2014

End of the year and other musings. [Gwen says more than just photo commentary!]

Welp, 2014 is drawing to a close and you are all well aware that this means farewell to Isabelle.
Izzy here is our little ballerina, modern dancer, and fashion designer.

She's gotten a whole lot of love this past year, and a whole lot of hate. [actually, I find the wonder bread comparison on American Girl Outsider quite amusing]
She was ok, I guess.
I watched her movie, wich was endearingly cheesy. I even learned the dance when no one was looking. [i wanted to take dance when I was little, but never bothered to sign up]

She was the first doll with mix and match, wich was really cool- and also an excuse to charge $50 for one very purple outfit. : |

Her collection was very girly. Wich is to be expected, really. You are buying dolls targeted at nine year olds. But I kept comparing her to Saige. Saige had clothes that my dolls would wear. That I would wear if I cared remotely about human fashion. Look at saige's meet. Dark blue, no sparkles. Saige was definently awesome for older or less girly girls. I'm kicking myself for not buying her when I had the chance. But Isabelle appealed to the younger, girlier girls- with her straight hair and sparkles.

So what did I learn from Isabelle?
That a person can OD on sparkles. No doubt about that in the first place, but the fact was reinforced.

Oog. My eyes can't take it!

Now we have Grace.
In a few short days we will see her official, not leaked stock photo,
I see this and think "ooo new freckles! ooo side bangs! eww lipgloss!"
smiling prettily with her face mold that deviates from the past two years of classic. YAY! She has side swept bangs, also uncommon for AG. .
We'll get new love, new hate, new opinions, and a new look. Were gonna spend way too much money buying her, MAGs to be her besties, and her collection. woo hoo! thats how dolly addiction WORKS, people! yeah. I will definently buy her pajamas
Maybe her luggage
Her baking set is kinda cool
And Im actually pleased with this outfit. It is weird to me, but adorably so.
What I like about her collection is that it's red and turquoise. I consider turquoise to be a shade of blue and I love all shades of blue.
Also look at this! not a lot of sparkles! you can count them! Cant see 'em very well, but it looks like 10.
 I'm waiting to go to the AG store in January with Barrett to see If it's love at first sight. If not, I plan to buy #58.

What I hope for (not to be confused with predictions!) :

  • Less pink! It is foolish to hope for this- look at the direction they've taken! [sorry these are screenshots]

Lots o pink

  • New MAG meet outfits. They are due for a change this year. Been here since 2012. I hope they have pants and no pink. And that AG would Change the meet with the GOTY change because I don't want to wait.
  • Cool colors (blues greens purples)

Other Musings:

The good thing about not liking what AG has avalible: brings in business for etsy shops. I don't own one myself, but there are several that get my patronage. And it inspires creativity in doll owners dissatisfied with what's in stock to make their own stuff.
For instance, I notice a certain lack in decent camping supplies. It's all bright colors, wich appeals to children, but a real person would never actually buy something like that, let alone take it into the woods and get dirt on it.{there should be a font for sarcasm or snark or something} A lot of the kids in my school go hunting. it is totally normal for a girl to have camping supplies in muted colors. While I avoid killing animals and guns and such the like, I would not at all mind seeing a nice sturdy backpack. Maybe even in camo. I made one, one time, out of my brother's old shorts.

In the long run: doll prices will go down. Have you noticed that the price went up to $115 the last time? They are just going to up the price until the dolls are so far out of our budget that we can't buy them. That's when the prices will go down. They're trying to find that sweet spot where you can have the most customers paying the most money.
Call it greedy if you like- I'll call it business. {wich is pretty much just another word for greedy, in this nasty unfair reality we live in} : /

Video where I got the Grace pictures:

Sorry Ive been missing lately. Just being a lazy bum over here.


I was playing with iMovie on my phone and made this slideshow of a couple Lilly pictures. Just messin' around, but I thought I'd show you.

Song: parson redheads
Band: airborne toxic event

Lilly is very pleased with this, I tell you.


Friday, December 26, 2014

Felt food Friday #1

I was lazing around my house today glued to my phone looking at etsy shops when I realized its Friday. FELT FOOD FRIDAY!! I'm sure your expectations were sufficiently lowered berfore the start of this series, so we should have no problem. Felt doll food isn't complicated to any extent, and very fast to make. Today we shall do the sandwich. Please read all bold print in a funny voice.
*gasps from the crowd* I need a sarcasm font.
You will need felt, of course.
Tan•green•yellow•red•brown•needle• thread
Cut two squares of tan felt, each a little larger than your doll's hand. This is the bread.
Now cut a "wiggly" shape from green felt, large enough so parts of it stick out from the bread.
Like so
Now we need a square of yellow the exact same size as the bread. Orient it so some sticks out.
Hello, finger! Won't you be a dear and move out of the way, please? No? Ok, fine. Be that way. [im not crazy, I swear]
Aaaaany way the meat, cut from the tenderloin of brown felt [hahaha... that's not funny, is it] can be a tad smaller than the bread.
I don't like tomatoes. But this sandwich isn't for me so were using them anyway. Mua ha ha haaaaaa.... I'm in a good mood today. O_0 I feel like this is just so simple I can stop explaining it now. A picture is worth a thousand words. Especially if you build ikea furniture. Just saying.
GOD DARN IT! There's ma finger again.
You see that little hole between all the tomatoes there? You don't want that. Overlap them so the thread will hold them all in place.
Look! The sandwich.
Now get your needle and thread...
And stab the needle through the sandwich! Listen to it scream! That is my sense of humor. If you don't like it (or snarky comments on things that cause me general displeasure) Then you should turn on the Snark Filter tm, the button on the upper right hand corner of your screen. Did you look? Was it not there? Hmmmmm... Did I mention it's nonexistent?
Ok I'm laughing at myself right now. I am my own best friend. XD
So now you're making tiny stitches to keep the sandwich together. Because I am a malevolent, evil person, I am not going to tell you how to be done sewing. Half of you will be stuck sewing forever and the other half will be racking your brains for a knot to tie it off. 
Actually I don't know how to explain. You can kinda tell from the picture though.
Now you are done (if you finished sewing)
Your dolls may eat it if they like tomatoes or can actually open their mouths.

Thank you for reading and dealing with my silliness. 
Love Gwen