Sunday, September 18, 2016

I wish to tell you of something wonderful.

Putty is that wonderful thing.
Not like putty for patching up walls (though I am quite familiar with that since I tend to cut holes in the wall when I am upset.) I mean like silly putty, crazy aaron's thinking putty, or that stuff you get in the rock climbing section of REI to strengthen your hands.

I am an enormous fan of things with nice textures. Smooth erasers, round rocks that are almost matte, soft blankets, and such the like. I have also been known to stick my finger into a variety of food items and squish them, such as beans, steel cut oats, dry rice, egg yolks.
I also spend far too much time watching paint mixing videos.

But the most wonderful, squishiest, stretchiest, least messy thing my hands have come across is this putty:

I have several kinds. The iridescent stuff above,
and this heat sensitive stuff that's purple when it's cold and blue when its warm.

That was my loveliness for today.
What textures do you like? Do you spend a lot of time fiddling with things?