Thursday, August 24, 2017

Magical Andie

This post is dedicated to everyone who says american girl dolls are creepy. My original idea was for Andie to summon a demon, which is what happened in the last picture, but it turned out that she would rather mess around with angelic power, purple light of elves and awesomeness.
This magic has been brought to you by glow sticks and long exposure shots.

Hah if i waved the sticks around behind her it looked like i just photoshopped a grainy doll pic onto some old mac screensaver.

I would love to give andie magical powers but i think i already had lilly di that. Oh watever. All my dolls can live in a fantasy world. Something to think about.

Saturday, August 19, 2017


none of you who follow me probably exist anymore but I started really missing my AG dolls after years of being too tired to do anything interesting with them. Clinical depression is a bitch. But here I am! And if any of you are out there and I'm not just screaming into the void, come say hello, because i am still bad at making real life friends no matter how much i have changed.

Lets start off on the right foot here with some pictures of Rylan because I love her so.

I tried to make a new blog but that's pointless so I'll just stick to here. I'll be cleaning up and getting rid of old posts or ones I don't like, maybe changing the header so it actually fits.

Best to all of you! And if no one's there, best to you, Void.