Sunday, November 29, 2015

Wow look at this big empty white space I can fill!

and if I manage to fill it to meet my own expectations, I just may show it to you.
Does your family have a lot of pianos?
How many you got?
We have piano keyboards falling out
 the windows, playing of their own accord.
The day they became sentient, Cole 
was lost and hasn't been seen since.
 We're unsure if this was the pianos fault.
Jesus Christ have they learned to reproduce?

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Martian goat kitties- free to a good home

Howdy, folks!
I hope you are all having happy days. Or at least not painful. If you can't do happy i hope your are somewhere comfortably neutral.
I'm doing ok right now. That changes about as often as the direction of a hyperactive kindergartner in a toy store, but as of this moment I'm pretty ok
Today in school, I was doing brilliantly as filling out worksheets.
1. {questionquestionquestion} show your steps.
      I drew some stairs
2. {questionquestionquestion} give a brief answer in the space provided.
      I drew a pair of boxer briefs.
And then I gave an answer that started out with a normal sentence, answering the question. In the middle I prophesied about the second coming of velociraptors, and concluded with another normal sentence. The teacher walked by, saying "good job using up all the space..." And then he looked a little closer. "That's a little dark, don't you think?"
I am a laugh and a half, I tell you.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Hootenanny worm wart oil enhancing melancholyizer

Hey there folks.
Ive managed to crawl out from my homework and books and tv shows and music to come say hi.


Andie and Rylan also say hi. I took these before Halloween was even here, and now Halloween is gone. Im super great at keeping track of things. The leaves were kind of squishy from the rain so Andie had to do a dance to get them to crunch properly.

Saturday, November 7, 2015