Saturday, October 22, 2016

I continue to explore the strange and unfamiliar ritual of human interaction

Tenley reminded me a few days weeks ago that I have a blog and it might be cool of me to actually post things on it.
(This glowing cloud was not the important news but it's still pretty important. All hail.)

Donald the local fanboy has joined drama club after school! And guess what else- HE GOT THE LEAD ROLE! The play is The Nerd, which I am not fond of and was written in the 80's and was what our new director, Mr. Sutherd (whose name is not spelled phonetically but I will do anyway because I can't spell), did for a play when he was in junior high.
Not excited about the play itself, BUT WE CAN BE EXCITED FOR DONALD!
What am I doing in all this nonsense? Brianna of the Hive Mind and I are going to be doing tech. She runs lights and I run sound. Nothing for us to do yet, though, because the actual actors are still figuring out blocking.

But yeah I have friends now, which is where lots of my attention is directed currently. Donald is my best friend, which is a new thing cause I haven't had an actual friend since kindergarten (Im a sophomore. Do what you will with that.) All my "friends" before him were just people to stand next to so I would feel less awkward. Im sure I've told you this before.
Anyway, we tell eachother everything, which is nice emotional solidarity, and do nearly everything together. A few nights ago we made fried rice and listened to The Killers. It turned out wonderfully, and then we took a walk in my woods in the darkness and discussed the possible existence (and variations on that existence) of a god.

My friends are such cuddly people. Donald and I were standing pretty close together under the trees looking up at their silhouettes against the light polluted sky, and his face bumped into mine. This was surprising, like, what are you trying to do here, dude? Do you want a kiss or something? Thought you weren't into that. ??? And then his voice came from inside his hoodie "Aahhhhh sorry I just wanted to put my head on your shoulder but I forgot I'm taller than you!" Other than that, we sit shoulder to shoulder thigh to thigh on the bus listening to night vale. Very comforting. Take the solidity of a rock and make it warm and soft.
In another event of cuddliness, Brianna was laying with her head in my lap and I was playing with her hair. A drama kid sitting in the window next to us asked me "Are you guys dating?" I was not prepared to answer this question. I turned to Brianna and asked "Are we dating?" She booped me on the nose and then said "I dont know", shrugging. This was a valid question for Drama Kid to ask, as we walk around school holding hands, and she likes to rest her chin on my shoulder and her hands on my hips, which is apparently considered dating behavior.
Im less convinced about the holding hands = dating thing, though, because Brianna, Donald, and I like to walk around town after school with all three of us holding hands.

Here have a lovely picture of Orange Boi painting at my house just after school started and it was still sunny outside. Having my feet in focus and not him was probably a poor artistic choice, but the colors are nice.

What other interesting things have happened? Hmmmm.
OH! I'm taking chemistry. We were talking about the properties of matter a few days ago, and one of the properties is Reactivity With Water, so Mrs. H. stuck some sodium in a bowl of water.
It fizzled madly and swirled around of its own accord, and then caught on fire. We thought that was going to be it, that was going to be the coolest part, but no. IT BLEW UP, FOLKS! A BEAUTIFUL UPWARD AND OUTWARD SPRAY OF SPARKS AND A MARVELOUS BANG.
John the Star Guide Buddy got a picture of the first few sparks just before the explosion.
Sodium metal is very reactive with water, so much so that it can't even be around water vapor in the air. It has to be stored in mineral oil so it won't blow up in storage.