Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pie is always bittersweet

Berry pie is bitter and sweet at the same time, and I've never quite been satisfied with it. Pumpkin pie is all right, though.
On Friday I spent around 4 hours sitting on the floor with Donald (the local fanboy) and Colton (of the hive mind). It was Donald's last day of school before he went to Alaska, and our last full day of school. Someone who has poor schedule making skills decided the end of the year should have two half days. The spanish teacher was holding a fiesta in her classroom, so we skipped nearly every period to chill on the floor and eat enchiladas.

I am not used to having friends, or talking to people for so long. I had fun with it. You know what else I had fun with? Literary Arts Night, where I got up in front of everybody to read Petty Conversations For The Weak Minded. The spotlight was bright enough that I couldn't see anyone, only a sea of black in front of me, but I think I did fine because everyone laughed in the right places. 
I changed a bit from the last time you all read it, I had added "moist" as a pet peeve and leaned in close to the mic, saying "moist" in the creepiest voice I own. The audience lost it!

Look at me! I have friends* and can speak in front of crowds of people! Character development! (Or maybe I've always been able to do that, but now that I've had some specific examples fresh in my mind, my self perception has changed.) 
* I mean, I've always had friends, but I've never been able to keep them for more than 180 days, and I feel like Im actually going to miss Donald and my Hive Mind.

Take a look at this picture. Look at warm sunlight on soft blankets. 
Think up some happy thoughts for yourself. If happy thoughts won't come, neutral thoughts are ok. Or no thoughts at all. Just gaze blankly at it, idk, blank gazing is something I do all the time. If your brain is functioning like you want it to, try imagining yourself as a little teeny bug crawling over the wrinkles in the sheets. What would it look like from that perspective?

For my birthday I got a dragon that disapproves.
Of what does this dragon disapprove? Probably my attitude, most of the time.

Looking at this blog again, I realize that my header is not centered and it is fuzzy. This is unacceptable. I intend to fix that soon, and maybe even draw a new blueberry for it. That blueberry with t rex arms is a good person. They really try their best. It's not easy to be a fruit with reptile appendages.
Hey! maybe that'll be my next post! I'll make a backstory for my little blueberry. And make a comic for it, hopefully better than the one I did for Ellie's dream. My drawing skills have improved since then!

I can't really tell what's supposed to be in focus here. Just do me a favor and appreciate the colors.

I am experiencing a very strong urge to put words on here, to spill out all of my thoughts, but for some reason my brain is empty. I used to be good at blogging (or so I like to believe) but I had some problems in January and I haven't been able to find my groove since. I am trying. Not very hard, but that'll change soon.
I also intend to answer your comments and actually comment on your guys's blogs! I haven't been able to concentrate enough to do that consistently for several months, so after I post this you can expect to hear form me.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Death Frisbee! + art

Things that have happened recently

- Have I told you about my hive mind? Because I'm part if a hive mind in computer science. Our mission is to get our work done and bother Mr. Collins as much as possible while doing it. This works well, because we are the kind of people who are high functioning weirdos with straight A's.

- Brianna and I have similar ideas about hair and brilliant forms of media. I got her to listen to Welcome To Night Vale, and I am attempting to watch some musicals so I can get her references.

- We did MAP testing, which the school pretends is very important, but I get the feeling that it's not important because they just crammed us in the auditorium with chrome books. There was just you, your computer, your burning eyes, and no surface to write on. I am displeased.

- My cousin brought his friends to my woods. I became their leader and made them eat play dough. But I had to eat it myself first, so this was not the best of plans. But they STILL ATE IT, even after the faces I made!

- At a social event, my dad said "if you talk to thus guy the whole time, I'll give you a million dollars." And I told him "I don't think you have a million dollars to give me." He said "i don't think it matters."
- Burned. By my own father.

- I intend to read Petty Conversations for the Weak Minded on Literary Arts Night


- I've started watching Steven Universe. It is very calming to snuggle up in a blanket and watch fun little kid's shows. The background art is also very pretty and inspiring, and it's fun to see the different styles between the shows. (Steven Universe and Adventure Time)

- I also want to start watching Over The Garden Wall, because the fan art I see for it is always gorgeous...WHOOP I WAS ON TUMBLR AND FOUND A GIFSET AND THE BACKGROUND ART IS JUST AS COOL AS SU & AT. OFF I GO INTO CARTOON LAND

- This morning I ate breakfast on the deck in the sunshine, and am typing this in my room with an open window. everything is pretty and ideal. I must try to hold onto this feeling.

- I love asparagus. Just so you know.

- Whoops! I forgot to post this and now MORE things have happened!

- My birthday happened, and I got a chocolate cake with mocha frosting.

- I also got a fancy pen for drawing on the iPad, and I drew these things, which turned out presentable  enough for a first try
Look! It is a picture of my best friend Ellie, talking about people misusing semicolons/ why indigo shouldn't be in the rainbow.
I don't know how to do backgrounds - but LUCKY YOU GUYS get to WATCH MY PROGRESS!

- Donald and i went to an art museum and several bookstores before he left for Alaska, which was enjoyable, considering how bad i am at having friends. We made a lot of jokes and spotted cool architecture, and discovered mysterious new orbs in the already mysterious wave of concrete blocks at the museum.

-These geese crossed the street

- These 2 gifs were next to each other in my saved images, and I can't remember if that was intentional or remarkable coincidence.

-Another thing I can't remember: I wrote "death frisbee" in my closet and I remember writing it there thinking "it's gonna be really funny when I find this again and can't remember why I wrote it." Well, the time has come when I forgot why I wrote it, but it's not funny. Just frustrating. I suspect it was about boomerangs, though.

- I made my brother a flower crown for his birthday and he looks excellent in it.

- I made a different flower crown and gave it to Donald, who has been wearing it around school.

(expect more dolls and art in the near future)

It's been a while! I plan to be more active now, so let's catch up- what have you been doing?