Monday, May 9, 2016

We're destroying things, as it turns out.

"All right girls, listen up! I have out first mission. We've been hired by a person named Mr. P to take down Portable 9, a storage facility for unusual artifacts. We're supposed to set off an electromagnetic pulse, which will permanently disable all of the computers and robot guards in the building, as well as everything else electronic in a ten mile radius. We won't bring our phones."

Andie slouched in her seat a little bit. "Robots aren't very easy to stab. Are we sure this is going to be fun?"
Lilly rolled her eyes. "Stabbing people is nowhere near as fun as you might think," She said. "Just think about it."
Andie thought about it. And then made a face. She decided not to think about it anymore, and instead asked Rylan, "What's the rest of the plan?"

Rylan scribbled on the whiteboard, pointing out where they would pick up the EMP, the weakest points of entry in Portable 9, alternate escape plans, and where they would rendezvous with Mr.P

[Camera sweeps out over grass plain. Characters stride purposefully to an unknown destination. Intense rock music plays.]

[Rock music fades to lighthearted banjo as it is realized that walking isn't anywhere near as intense as driving a car too fast while off to go do something illegal.]

Our heroes (or villains, depending on who you are) reached the EMP pickup spot in a comfortable count of time, with the next-preferred method of light jogging and fast walking, as the first-preferred method of transport- the telekinetically powered Radio Flyer wagon from last May- was nowhere to be found.

Exactly as promised by Mr. P, the item was prepared and ready for pickup, laying inconspicuously among bricks and rubble from a long-demolished play fortress from the big people.

Just as Andie scooped it up and put it in her backpack, Rylan began to realize that two girls in bright clothes, plus one in a cartoonish yellow sombrero would attract some attention. Here they were out in the open, a grass field on their right and thick bushes on their left, standing in a tight bunch, fiddling with backpacks and foreign objects. She frowned at her own bad planning, and that no one else had noticed it was bad planning.
Rylan looked over her shoulder.

Sunday, May 1, 2016


Good day, friends! Recently I attempted sewing, and I must say it was a success. I have said previously that I don't know how to use a sewing machine, but my grandma got me one for Christmas and I have figured out how to use it fairly well. 
I made a few shirts a couple months ago, and then this Twenty One Pilots shirt yesterday night, and it turned out the best of all of them. 

I hemmed the sleeves and neck and bottom and everything, something I usually avoid doing. That went okay, except for some stitches got too close together.

And I used VELCRO! I used to just tape the backs shut because I was too lazy to go find the velcro.

If I get good at this, I'd make an etsy shop. You know, the hypothetical one I mentioned a few months ago- My dolls need a store like Hot Topic or something. I've never been into a hot topic, but I hear it's like fandom gear and band shirts.
But on top of that, we also need punk clothes and hipster clothes and clothes that don't conform to either "girl" styles or "boy" styles and, I don't know, dinosaur costumes. Everything not normal.
But I don't know how to sew.
This should be easier to achieve now that I am learning to sew.

Here, have some pretty pictures of flowers I pressed:

I have acquired another plush dragon! Problem is, I'm not sure on the names. I tried food names, but they don't seem to work. I was trying to think up fancy names, but I'm not a fancy person. Perhaps inanimate objects? Compact Disc! Toothbrush Bristle! Hand Sanitizer! No. No. This is silly. Perhaps math terms. Parabola. Sinusoid. Asymptote. Cosecant. Yeah, those work a little better.

Anyway, this is the new guy. He doesn't have wings or an extra head. His name is Asymptote. In a tangent or cotangent graph (and a few other things that I forgot), the line can go up (or down) FOREVER! IT JUST WONT STOP! It could go in the Y (Or X, but i'm mostly concerned with Y right now) direction for infinity. But it will never make it past a certain line. That line is the asymptote.
Think about it this way: Walk halfway to your front door. And then half of that. And half of that. And half of that. And half of that. And half of that. You're getting closer and closer to the door but you'll never make it, no matter how long you keep going halfway there. The door is the asymptote.
Here's a tangent. y=tan (1.5 x)
Look how after the curve it goes almost straight up, but never touches the line x=1.
What if we scrolled up a bit farther? What if we zoomed in?
It looks like it touches in the first picture, but that's just cause the line is too thick. The second picture is zoomed in and you can see it still doesn't touch x=1
That aside, the other dragon, the one with wings and two heads, is now named sinusoid an parabola.
Parabola. y=x^2
Sinusoid. y=sin (x)
Go here, to Desmos to play with graphs.
When the sun sets, it turns the tops of the trees orange. It looks like they're on fire!