Sunday, March 29, 2015

Andie's Room

She doesn't keep it very clean.

She prefers a pile of blankets to a bed.

Her desk is the most important thing in the room.

What is she drawing?...

"No! Don't watch me draw!"

Anyway, she should probably learn to use that skateboard instead of using it as a food storage device.

This bandanna rug is my favorite part of the whole room

And here's a poster of Totoro and No Face.

I'm working on watching all of the studio Ghibli movies.

Tri fold board really wasn't working for me so I made a room out of poster board (foam core) and colored the walls with scrapbook paper. Now I get to take it all down and make a new room! Lilly's, probably. Or a kitchen. Anyone have any idea how to make doll kitchen appliances?

How has your Sunday been?

Friday, March 27, 2015

Drawings to tide you over until I get a doll room made

I want a Night Fury

Should I put these on the Meet My Dolls Page?

Lilly with the craisins from the first time I posted that bit of story. (I refuse to call it a chapter because  It's not broken up right, and I really need a title for it, and should probably finish it too, before things get out of hand.) ANYWAY now you know where the dried cranberries came from.

This is how I feel about school fundraisers.

This girl wandered onto my history paper. I'm not sure what she's doing.

And then today we were in the computer lab writing persuasive essays. Jaden, who often gets off task, began to talk to the class in general about what he would do if he found a yeti in his woods. Mr. Rush, who gets off task even worse than Jaden, interrupted, insisting that yetis must be given toilet paper and indoor plumbing to properly introduce them to society. Then he began to ponder (very loudly and verbally) how awkward it would be to have a yeti in your bathroom, and proceeded to make constipated yeti noises. (can you see why Rush is my favorite teacher?) It was at that point that I was laughing too hard to finish my essay, so instead I made a crudely drawn picture of a yeti on a toilet and emailed it to him. He stuck it up on the big screen and the whole class saw the awesomeness of my pooping yeti. Today was a good day.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Interesting things from pintrest because I'm too lazy to write a real post

Now that we have that over with, it's time for the gender-bender section!
Bilbo. She looks very determined here, don't you think?

"Back off or I'll stab you."

Do any of you know where I can get a bilbo costume for my dolls? the more I look at this the cuter it gets, and my Etsy searches have been fruitless.

Thorin. This is just so cool.

EEEEK my dolls need a backpack like this too!

Hiro and Tadashi 


Hicuuuuuuup. That is some cool hair.

Normal Hiccup as a hipster. I am quite fond of guys in sweaters. If I am ever to get a boy doll, he shall have a sweater.

Hiccup cosplay!

 These aren't gender-bent, but race-bent.

Oh the haaaaaaiiiir! The hair on both of these is just amazing! 
And Elsa. oh Elsa. Race-bent Elsa looks way cooler than normal Elsa. It makes my heart explode into rainbows!

Now for the rain. Because rain makes me happy, the way it pounds on the skylight and splashes in the gutters. I like to dance in it.
I yours like you to learn from this lady in two ways,
1) You should go sit in the rain more often. It's good for you.
2) You should not smoke. It's not good for you.

My perfect day. Drip coffee. mmmm

That is me. ^ I am one of those people.

I wonder what stars taste like?

I need more trees, please.

These are the birdogs.
In your head, do you pronounce that bird-ogs, or bir-dogs?
If only I owned knew how to use photoshop! I could make my own of these.

"Actually, I'm a sealbird, not a birdog."

This one looks like it will fall on it's face.

These are called bendy dolls. I shall learn how to make one, as soon as we order the beads (heads) from amazon.

I think this one is needle-felted.

I'd like to be under the sea in an octopus's garden in the shade.

Ok! I like mermaids.

Do you have any interesting things you discovered today?