Sunday, November 30, 2014

Teeny Tiny Cuteness

One of my cousins stayed the night on friday, and yesterday, while we were returning him to his natural habitat in Tacoma, we stopped at teaching toys.
While I was there I fell in love with a Lottie doll.
She is "robot girl" lottie
 Her sweatshirt has the symbol for an atom on it, though its not lined up quite right
 I just Loooove the nerd glasses!

 Her shirt has a robot on it.
 Long yellow sleves
 Everything velcros in the back

 Her glasses just would not stay on, so I hot glued a clear plastic hairtie to them
 Here she is next to OG mini Kendra
 Kendra's hair is waaay higher quality, but lottie has a more realistic size.
Here she is in Kendra's clothes. They are too big and too short at the same time.
Her box
She comes with the hat in the picture, but I lost it temporarily.
I hate the quantity driven consumerism here.

Extra Info: The lottie dolls are made of that weird feeling cheap plastic. They are very cheap in general quality-wise, which kind of irritates me because I paid $20 for it. It was an impulse buy, but she just looked so cute through the window on her box. Kendra the Our Generation mini was just $10 and her hair was softer and plastic better. Hmmm... I better go re-examine my doll- collecting life...
Aaanyway, what should I name her?- not Lottie, thats for sure.
I seriously have no Idea.


All I want for christmas is snow!

YAYYYYYY!! It snowed here yesterday!
 Lilly took Pepper out to play in it.
 You like the snow, pepper?


 I just love snow on doll hair.

 The rosemary bush looks very pretty like this

 Now who should I throw this at....

 AG's "fashion boots"

Sometimes its good to just listen to the snow fall 
 (actually, I could hear the garbage truck roaring down my street.)

 Should I do a tutorial on this?
With much love and doll enthusiasm,