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Best bloggy friends:
Ellie on The Other Side Of Reality
Ellie posts about dolls, books, important issues, and things that happen in her life. Thorin Oakensheild is her husband, so you can go find your own dwarf, thank you very much. She's also a very good person to talk to, whether you need to ponder time and space and life or are just curious whether vampires have periods or not. (they don't.)
She also posts on Seven Bloggers And Their Dolls HERE

Emily from An Open Window
Emily is a crazy good writer. You should go check out her poems and short stories. If she doesn't have a book written by the time I die, I will go find her in a nursing home and haunt her until she does.
Also she does HTML\CSS help for beginners, and photo editing tips.

Tenley from The Sunshine Dollies
Tenley posts mainly doll stuff, photoshoots, short photostories, reviews, and occasionally the horrors of starting middle school. She also has a doll (TM#55) that she tries to base off my personality. Good luck with that, my dear. oh well. u make me feel special.

Kirsten & Sylvia (and others) at The Journal Of Two Dolls
They may seem like a normal blog at first sight, but these are dolls blogging here, recording their miniature adventures and hosting fashion challenges (you just choose what clothes you want the doll to wear and they'll model it for you next week. Some of them turn out really great!)  And they're doing a poll thing at the moment where we're designing a dream GOTY doll. Go vote on their sidebar for that. Also, but their human has an Etsy shop HERE

Izzy Sheptak at Forever Love Dolls
Forever love dolls was almost not forever. : (    Thankfully, Izzy is posting again and we hope that this time forever is for realsies. This girl has a fantastic sense of humor (or at least her doll Kit does. One time she bought a cow. The results were hilarious.)

Gabrielle Sheptak at Dolly Desires
What these dolls desire I don't know. Fame? Glory? A really big piece of cake?
Gabrielle has Maplelea dolls as well as AG, so if you're considering getting one, you should go check her blog out- they are darn cute.

Kathryn at American Girl Place
is best known for her sewing. She creates some seriously cute outfits and her dolls go outside and model them. If you want to buy some of her creations, her Etsy is HERE

Maddie at Dolls On My Mind
Maddie is one of the best photographers that is actually part of the community. (I can never seem to talk to other pros like her.)A singular, stunning photo followed by some song lyrics is her signature thing. The goal is to get you thinking. She is also one of the blog design and sewing experts.

Lydia at Dolly Fern Friends
Lydia is from New Zealand, which is cool in itself. But the coolest thing is that she blogs about all her other toys too. Lego, Ever After High, Lammily and many more grace the screen of her site. If you're looking to expand your toy or doll collection, you should go talk to Lydia. There's a ton of options for you.

Kelsey from Empty Boxes
She doesn't post about dolls. Its mostly gifs, fangirling, and how to be a nice person (which I need more often than I like to admit). It's really hard to but her into a category or style of blog. She don't need one. Just go see Kelsey's awesomeness for yourself.

Kara from Doll World
Is a brand-spanking-new blogger. Everyone go follow her and wait to see what fantasticness she has in store.

Charlotte at Seven Little Daisies
Charlotte wants to be an author when she grows up, but in the meantime, she's over at the seven little daisies posting lyric photoshoots and things. She also has a YouTube, on which there should be a new series soon. go HERE

Adi from AG In The Shire
Like Maddie, her doll blog isn't used as much as her personal, but its still very good. Sometime the next episode of Audits Orbis should be up. Her dolls (especially MK) are huge fangirls and love anything Tolkien or Dan&Phil.

Shannon in The Realm Of AG
Shannon takes beautiful pictures and sometimes edits them in Picmonkey, which allows her to write a really cool photostory series called The Peculiars. There's magic and fire and ghosts and gosh darn it's cool. Seriously though. she is amazing.

Polka dot bee
My favorite posts of hers are Sewing Sundays, where she shows you whatever project she's been working on. Other than sewing, she also does some pretty epic photoshoots. Her Etsy shop is HERE

Claire M. from
Carrot and Claire
Claire takes some darn cool pictures too. I'm very fond of her and Shannon's style. Also she does craft tutorials, photo tutorials, hair how-to's, the whole shebang.

Clara from Clara's Craft Corner
Actually, Clara has a wordpress blog! that's why I didn't know she existed before this moment. Anyway, she sews and posts wonderful crafts. (FunWithAGFan level wonderful, in case you needed clarification.) Right now she's starting a series called The Small Ones, which is about one of her AG dolls finding a tiny doll (idk if it's blythe or pullip or something?) in a field and she has to go save the town of the smallones.

Leah from American Girl Chick
Leah has pretty much everything you need in one blog. Crafts, reviews, hairstyles, AG news, and a lot more...(still need to finish.)

Rose Thorn from It's Looking A Bit Mitty
Rose is a very young Australian blogger. She does DIYs, book reviews, and finds the most excellent ways to use gifs from Doctor Who. I don't know that much about her yet (other than her love for Pokemon). I will go investigate. Give her a follow and investigate with me.

DJ form The Dolls That Run the Universe
DJ's coolest talent is that she makes custom dolls! I have been wanting to customize dolls myself (you know how well that went) so this will be a great place for me to get new ideas. She's making a custom Rey doll right now! (Rey is the main character from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.)  AWESOMENESS!

Star Girl form You Assume I'm Wearing Socks
Do not assume things, fool. She is not wearing socks. Star Girl is One of the few bloggers who (like me) son't quite fit into a niche like most of the bloggers. Not overly-serious-about-writing, not teen-who-like-dolls, and certainly not mommy-blogger. A slice of life might be an ok label, excepting the times when the need to be funny strikes he and she turns into your grouchy Latino uncle who wears socks. Or a parrot on opiates. It really depends. But dude. She's funny.

Charlotte at Seven Little Daisies
Charlotte is another one of the aspiring fantastic photographers in the doll blogging community. But when she's not learning how to use different kinds of cameras and taking cool pictures, she likes listening to Taylor Swift and eating chocolate.

Super Inky

Audra's Elements Of Style

Clarisse's closet

Dolly Dorm Diaries

Glowy Zoe

The Salty Breeze

The Doll Mag

Lissie & Lilly

Candidly Charlie

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  1. Hello Gwen! You may remember me, I have commented on your blog once or twice before. You are one of my favorite blogs, your posts are awesome.
    I would be flattered if you added me on here, my blog link is www.clarascraftcorner.wordpress.com.
    I honestly can't think of what to say...... Reasons I am awesome: (this stuff is really just random facts cause I couldn't think of anything.)
    I read your blog (does that count?)
    I love to sew and sew a lot of my doll's clothes.
    I read constantly (Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, etc..)
    I love art and history but could live without algebra.
    I have a dog named Maude.
    So, there you go. Some random not-really-awesome facts about me. I hope they'll do.

    1. Yeah man right away.
      Harry Potter and Percy Jackson are great.

  2. "you can go find your own dwarf, thank you very much" GWEN I'M DYING.
    THANK YOU SO MUCH LOVE MY BIO IS AWESOME I FEEL ALL SPECIAL AND TINGLY INSIDE. Actually, this whole page is awesome. It turned out great!

    1. YOU ARE SO WELCOME PLEASE DONT DIE TOO MICH BECAUSE I NEED YOU for books to read and important vampire bodily functions to talk about. Also Thorin. He would be sad if u died too. Knowing I made other people happy makes me happy. So darn happy.

  3. Thank you so much for adding our blog up there! We feel rather special. :)

    ~Kirsten & Sylva (and others, haha)

  4. Hi Gwen,
    Your a really funny blogger and a really great blogger. I'd be so grateful if you added me. Also, here's a list of reasons why I'm awesome:

    I like cats
    I am a blogger
    I like to read
    I have the best friends and family
    I'm obsessed with Pokemon Indigo League
    and did I mention that I like cats?

    Here's my blog link: http://itslookingabitmitty.blogspot.com.au

    Rose :3

    1. Oh, and by the way, could you add in that I'm from Australia (If you add me in)

  5. Hi Gwen,
    I just started a blog. Could you add it? It is

    Reasons I am awesome (or pretend reasons I am awesome)
    I make custom dolls
    I do lots of fun crafts
    Did I mention I like reading?

  6. Hey Gwen can you add me? The name's Izzy, BTW.

    Reasons why I'm awesome (well, I'm pretending to be.)

    I'm currently surviving the 5th grade.
    Am a huge doll fan (I have 4)
    I love Green Day, All Time Low, and Fall Out Boy.
    I have this app called musical.ly
    I love to write and am currently working on a novel.

    And that is about it.