Sunday, May 31, 2015

In which an improbable wagon ride occurs

We would all do well to remember that Doll World is one very different from our own, where the earth itself is of great proportion, while the inhabitants are smaller than we would consider average. It is a place with more peace and happiness than we would find possible on this earth, but also more evil creatures, such as the wicked bow fairy. It is a world where magic is conducted on a regular basis, where stories are written of bravery and quirkiness, and where anything is possible in front of the lens of a camera.

Rylan had finally managed to drag her housemates outside to enjoy the morning sunshine, and while wandering sleepily around the yard Lilly discovered a large red vehicle lying on it's side. She called the rest of the girls over. (Who were admiring the rose garden, which was just starting to bloom {It was really just Rylan doing the admiring- Andie and Kaya were sprawled on the grass trying to go back to sleep. Perhaps it was too early in the morning.})  The strangeness of the object, when they gathered around it, inspired further inspection.

Such investigations led to the conclusions that it was a kind of wagon, and that discovery caused the dire need to sit in it and perhaps ask the BFG to pull them around. Kaya sugested that they at least put the wagon right side up so the desire to sit in it could be satisfied.

So Lilly and Rylan got on one side and pushed...

And Kaya and Andie, who were braver, got on the other side and pulled. The reason for the bravery was that they were unafraid of being a little squished by the wagon if it happened to slip. More than bravery they needed patience to deal with Rylan constantly reminding them to stay clear of the wheels. Rylan was very worried about having to deal with squished bodies, and knowing that her friends were still sleepy and therefore less aware of their surroundings made her especially anxious.

But the wagon was righted without anyone being squished, punctured, scratched or maimed in any other way, so Rylan breathed a sigh of relief.

Now with all four wheels planted firmly on the ground, the fun could begin.

Andie jumped in with particular zeal, and wound up causing herself some problems, eventually having to turn and awkward somersault roll style of thing to get her butt facing the proper direction. 

Kaya's method of boarding was much more efficent, simply standing on the wheel

and hoisting herself up.

Then Lilly and Rylan clambered in.

"So how are we going to make this go?" asked Kaya. "It isn't much fun just sitting here after all"
It was more of a rhetorical question, so she was surprised when Lilly actually had an answer for her.

"Telekinesis." was the unexpected answer. "I read about it in a book once and decided to try it myself. Iv'e never tried anything this big before, so it might not work."
This sudden piece of information sparked mad interest in Lilly's fellow wagon riders.
"What? How come I never knew this? Are you kidding us?" Andie asked excitedly
"Seriously! When did this happen? Can we all move things with our minds?" Rylan said, hoping that she could now get Andie up in the morning without having to run upstairs and and yell or tickle her feet. (Andie is not a morning person)
Kaya just kind of looked sideways at Lilly, not sure whether to be skeptical or impressed.
Lilly decided she better explain a teensy weency bit before demonstrating.
"Remember a couple weeks back when you kept hearing things crash to the floor and I locked myself in my room with piles of books?"
"Yeah. I thought you were throwing a fangirl tantrum or something." andie said
"Nope. I was practicing"
"Well show us!" All of them shouted

So lilly squinched her face up in concentration and the other three girls felt the wagon wheels slowly start to turn.

Andie and Rylan gasped.

Kaya jumped up and looked down the side of the wagon, shouting "HOLY MOTHER OF NACHOS!!!"

Pleased with herself, Lilly asked the others to help, explaining that all they needed to do was imagine the wheels moving,. 

Rylan tried it. With her added willpower, the wagon began to move faster. Andie was looking around in confusion at her sister and best friend. "How are you doing that?"
"Shhh," Rylan replied "you're wrecking my concentration."

Now that Lilly, Kaya and Rylan had the hang of it (Andie was still trying desperately, but to no avail.) the ride was quite smooth, and they could look at the grass and daisies whizzing past on either side of the wagon.

They emerged from the shadows into the morning sunshine, where the third person omniscient narrator felt the need to make an obscure connection between dolls in direct sunlight and vampires. Here, instead of melting or turning to dust or whatever it is these newfangled vampires do, dolls morph from their cute selves onto overexposed, awkwardly shadowed monsters, who, fortunately, bring humans no harm except to the eyeballs, and even that is not permanent damage. The third person omniscient narrator's inexplicable musings aside, the quartet of pint sized thrill seekers are pleased with their ride so far.

That is, until they hit a misplaced brick in the yard.

The wagon stopped with a jolt, causing everyone to lurch backwards.

"What are we going to do now?" Andie asked, still a little miffed that she didn't have telekinesis, "are you going to levitate us?"

Kaya looked pointedly back at her cousin. "Looks like someone needs to learn how to steer."

"What? but I don't know how! I've been trying the whole ride, and I'm pretty sure it's not working."

Lilly got up and stepped into the back seat to give Andie a talking-to.

"Stop touching my face."
"No. Look at me. You can. Stop being so negative. Take a deep breath and close your eyes. The wagon is a part of you, just an extra limb. Can you see the wheels turning past the brick? Can you feel it?"

She went back to her seat. "Give it a try."

Andie closed her eyes and did as Lilly said.

Slowly, shakily,

the wheels turned on their axles

And made it past the brick.

Then the entire wagon crew cheered for Andie and her success, even though she was opposed to cheering and attention of any sort. She couldn't decide of it was uncomfortable or exhilarating, but was nonetheless pleased that she had managed to use telekinesis.

They mentally and physically drove the wagon for another few minutes back into the shade. It was then that Rylan called for them to stop because she wanted to pick some flowers.

"Look, there's daisies, sweet peas, and dandelions! Who wants to help me make a bouquet?" She asked.
This idea turned out to be rather popular, because riding in a bumpy metal wagon makes one's butt sore and a good stretching of the legs was needed.

So everyone jumped out gleefully, albeit a little stiffly.

When all feet were steadily on the earth, they dispersed.

Andie went after some daisies. "Look! These are taller than me!"

Kaya saw some sweet peas in the tall grass to the right of the wagon, so she skipped over there.

Rylan found a clover that hadn't quite reached it's full purple beauty yet,

and Lilly inspected some scotch broom, which was too tough to pull out, and it causes sneezing among third person omniscient narrators anyway, so she refrained from picking any. 

Soon everyone was back in the wagon with their freshly uprooted flora.

Kaya was especaially proud of her sweet peas.

It was quickly decided, though, that immediately going back home would be silly, and that absorbing some sunshine would be much more prudent.

Of course, turning around and returning home was imminent, especially since it was almost lunchtime.