Meet my dolls


Nickname: Andie
Doll: MAG #55
Birthday: August 15
Favorite Band: Metallica
Relations: Lilly (sister), Rylan (best friend)
Andie is just kind of an odd duck. She says she hates people, but I don't think she realizes how much she relies on Lilly and Rylan for company or support. She likes dogs, chilli, being by herself, and when she's not by herself she prefers to be hanging out with Rylan, because "lilly is annoying and tells me to stop playing with my food". Andie lives in her own head and would really prefer if you didn't talk to her. But if you come in quietly and make a good impression, she will be very loud and happy to make snarky comments for you.
She also is probably a Time Lady, and has her very own TARDIS
She feels like this:


Nickname: Lilly
Doll: MAG #33
Birthday: February 15
Relations: Andie (sister), Rylan (house mate) 
Lilly is the doll house's leading expert in magic (we can call her an expert because she knows more than everyone else, even if she's still learning.), self taught through a pile of books found in the basement. Trying to teach Andie and Rylan is a bit harder. She likes talking, cute clothes, taco salads and watching movies with Andie and Rylan (even if Andie yells at the characters and Rylan points out all the logic gaps, because "togetherness is more important than the movie", she says). Lilly doesn't like being told no, museums, or being ignored. She's great at dealing with people, and despite the fact that Andie finds her a little annoying, she gets along with everyone. 
Favorite Band: Foo Fighters
She feels like this:


Doll: #58
Birthday: April 23
Age: 13 (she would like me to remind you that she is 13 and a half, thank you very much.)
Favorite band: Pearl Jam
Relations: Lilly (house mate), Andie (best friend)
Rylan came to Swamp Road, north Dollworld in April 2015. She's not sisters with Andie and Lilly, nor is she their cousin. She is here "Because Gwen said so." And they're cool with it. She's great at worrying and making sure things are running smoothly. Rylan is the inventor of the Dolls and Dragons game, which she will tell you all about if given the chance. She likes being in the woods, eating ice cream, words, and trying to make Andie laugh. And she hates skateboards. Or anything that involves something moving you cant control. Sledding is scary too. But oh! To hell with skateboards.

*** *** ***
These are Andie and Lilly's cousins. They belong to Barrett, who is my only girl cousin and that makes her special. Sometimes my dolls come up to Seattle with me to visit all the relatives.

Maddie is Barrett's first doll. While walking through the patk when I first bought Andie, she was named Melanie for about 2 seconds. Her favorite band is the Beatles, she likes rock climbing, and playing soccer.

Mckenna is an athlete and can do insane amounts of pull-ups. Well of course! she takes gymnastics! She can also do a one-handed cartwheel. Her favorite book is Because of Winn Dixie.

Saige is convinced that tomatoes make excellent hats. She likes exploring things.

Kaya stayed at our house for a bit. She mastered Telekinesis with the help of Lilly in that wagon adventure. Now she freaks out Barrett's other dolls by making things fly around the room.


  1. Your dolls are so beautiful! They have such pretty names too.

  2. I love all your dolls! So pretty :0)
    Pepper is very cute too!
    - Zoë

  3. The pictures of your dolls are so good, and they are so pretty! :)

  4. I love Andrea's picture; so cute! And Lillian's hair is gorgeous. ^-^

  5. Aww all of your dolls are really pretty! I love Lilly's curls! xD

    1. Her curls and her blue eyes are my favorite things about her. : )

  6. That's so awesome! Your dolls are so cute! :) I have MAG #33, too! (Lilly). I named her Ruth. :)

    ~Lydia~ <3

  7. Your dolls are so cute! Andie looks adorable. ^_^
    ~Leah <3

  8. "It intimidates those who wish to destroy you." Literally so Lilly; I love it. :)

    - Ellie

    1. hehehe yup. There's another one
      "Having a good attitude won't fix all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort"

  9. Your dolls are so magnificently beautiful that I can't even.

  10. I love it! You have a gift of being a great photographer, an awesome sense of humor, and gorgeous dolls ^_^ See what I mean by "I <3 it!!" ?? :D

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  12. Ah I love you photography Gwen!!! It's stunning! Totally magical! Also these profiles made me chortle ^.^

  13. Hi, Gwen. This blog is awesome and I love your dolls. I may get #58 in November so she and Rylan could be intergalactical twins! XD Anyway, I nominated you for an award! Link:

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