Sunday, April 24, 2016

An idea sparks

On Sunday afternoon, Rylan knocked on Lilly's door with a request.
"Get out of your pajamas and meet me and Andie under the fir tree. We're going on an adventure!"

Lilly looked up from her sketchbook, where she was attempting to draw a banana waging war on a small town. "What kind of adventure?"

"The the kind with lots of combat." Rylan replied conspiratorially. She then turned smartly and pranced down the hallway, imagining what sort of battles could be fought with three people and an unknown evil.

When Lilly made it outside in what was socially accepted as daytime clothes, she found her sister and her housemate under the fir tree discussing Cool and Creative Ways To Torture People, a topic explored so often that it got it's own capital letters. As of now, they were pondering leaving an artist in a room with a no-nonsense neat freak.

"Ah! Lilly!" Andie said, interrupting herself. "Have you brought a weapon or is that just a purse?" She said this in a way that clearly indicated she knew nothing about just how helpful a purse can be. Or perhaps she was just biased, because she fully understood just how helpful fanny packs and cargo pants could be.

"It is a purse. With a knife inside. And some snacks if this thing lasts too long. What's the sombrero for?" She said this in a way that clearly indicated that she knew nothing about just how helpful sombreros can be for fighting... whatever it was they would go fight. In fact, her tone may have also indicated that she did not believe sombreros were helpful at all. 

"Fear tactics." Andie replied with a truckload of self-assurance.
Lilly squinted at her.

"So. Lilly has a knife, I have a sword, and what do you have, Andie?"

"A BIG POINTY STICK!" She replied, a little louder than necessary.
She waited excitedly for her comrades to say that it looked like just a round-y piece of wood, and then pulled the top part off.

"LOOK AT THIS BABY! I FOUND IT IN GWEN'S CLAY BOX! You can use it for stabbing people, stabbing things, roasting marshmallows, crosshatching clay so you can stick two parts together and they won't come apart, dissecting dead things--" She stopped and gazed lovingly at it.

"Now, I see we all have sufficient weapons," Rylan said "All we need to decide is whether we want to save the world- or destroy it."


Should they save the world or destroy it? A little bit of both perhaps? Who needs saving? Who needs destroying?
That is for YOU to answer! Put your ideas in the comments, and I will try my best to carry them out! I want to hear all your ideas. Even the least feasible. I have other dolls to work with and a willingness to create things.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Bananas attacked my hometown

When bananas attacked my home town
the first thing they stole was the old crown.
They fought off the cops, throwing mid sized rocks
t'till there was destruction all around.

With the old crown they made themselves rulers,
made laws that were "better" and newer.
No coats were permitted, unless they were fitted
and they jailed all the open mouth chewers.

The townspeople started to riot
and went on banana free diets.
This was a mistake- bananas did take
their numbers and then multiply it.

Those times were right awful, of course
what with the banana strike force.
This fruity militia would come out to getcha
when in new government we would endorse.

The future began to look brighter
when somebody pulled an all-nighter,
laying out traps- with pulleys and snaps
they'd catch even the greatest fruit fighter.

Today there are no more sad frowns
in the battle bananas did back down
They all ran away- we shouted HOORAY!
when bananas fled from my hometown.

Monday, April 11, 2016


We have owls in our woods, guys! There are two barred owls and they are thinking about making a nest here, as far as we can tell. we can hear them hooting hooo-ho-hoo-hooooo. Or perhaps who cooks for you? My dad took this picture and the one below it.