Friday, September 1, 2017

Oh but who are we to stand in the way of two girls in love

 I was doing a photoshoot with Andie and Rylan in the shade of the shed trying to stay out of this 93 degree bullshit

And I was thinking about what good friends they are and how I've been hinting about their relationship for a while

So I asked them if they minded being open about it and they were like
"Nah man we're lesbian goals. Everyone wishes they were us."
"Actually I'm pan!" Andie said
"Oh yeah that's right. We're sapphic goals. We're queer as hell!" Rylan yelled excitedly and grabbed Andie's hand.

Rylan wanted to kiss but Andie got distracted by the fact that the needles on cedar trees are really just folded up leaves.

Its all ok though, cause trees and girlfriends are the most interesting things in the universe. Especially if you can hang out with your girlfriend in a tree. (They're planning their next date in a tree, I'm guessing.)

Yes indeed ever since Rylan came to live with us a few years ago they've gotten along swimmingly. Lilly, like any good sister, pretends not to notice and swears to maul Andie if she hurts Rylan and vise versa. "Of course I'll be protective of my big sister," she says, "But if she upsets my buddy Ry-ry all sisterly bets are off."

Can't kiss when you're busy giggling, sillies.

Have a fantastic day, y'all. And if it's not, aggressively try to make it so. Queer kids gotta stay strong.

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  1. So, where do I get my Sapphic Goals T-shirt? Is there like an online store or something because I'm so down. I also probably loved this post more than I should have.