Wednesday, August 17, 2016

he says he wishes he was an island

he says he wishes he was an island
he says he wishes he affected no one

so insignificant we are anyway
how could we possibly change anything simply with our own existence?

but when you are an island
you change the patterns of the currents as they bend around you
and the shape of the wind as it blows over you

simply by existing
in your island form
you have already accomplished so much

rose from the sea on shifting tectonic plates
withstood hundreds of years of erosion
allowed life to grow on you

first succession, bacteria evolving
or perhaps, by chance, a bird drops a seed

moss lives on your rocks

even as an island
you affect many things

he changed his mind
he says he wishes he was an island
calm and secluded
incrementally affecting everything

he wonders how he could have been so selfish
to try and remove himself from the earth
when he was already so firmly rooted in it

he would have felt better
if he could uproot himself without disturbing
the plants, the dirt, the water, the rocks, the moving air, the caring people
around him

he says he is sorry
but means it in a different way now

(i drew that)

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